Love is Potatoes.jpeg

Russian premiere: Artdocfest, Moscow, Petersburg, Jekaterinburg 2017  

Grand Prix Artdocfest Moscow 2017 (main documentary filmfestival of Russia) 

International premiere: Dokleipzig 2017. International Competition

Awards: Interreligious Jury Award, & Honorary Mention int. Competition

Released in 20 Dutch Arthouse Cinemas October 12, 2017

audience of 19.000 

'Crystal film award' /'popularity award' by Dutch Filmfund  :  10.000 people in just more than two weeks in Dutch cinema's.



Upcoming festivals:

It's all true, Brazil, April 2018

Docs Against Gravity, Poland May 2018

Beldocs IDFF, Belgrade,  May 7-14 2018

Cinema Ambulante, 25 screening in 8 states of Mexico, March- April 2018 

Biografi filmfestival Bologna, Italy, June 2018

A-KINO St. Petersburg, June 2018