I wanted to show Simone Massi a crib in a Russian wooden house, to inspire him for the animation he is making now. So I googled: crib-russian-village-baby-house...and google gave me this:

Google is like our collective unconsiousness: next to this well fed sleeping baby there are starving children. It is an iconic picture of the terrible famine following the Russian Revolution and the Civil War in the newly formed Soviet State in 1921-23. A French filmcrew was allowed to film the famine to raise money. The next 'famous' famine happened 1932-33 were an estimated 4 to 8 million of Soviet citizens died in (what do numbers tell us when you can count 4 millions more or less?) . There are no documented images of that famine because it was officially denied by Stalin and his entourage. And if you don't have pictures, it doesn't exist, which is actually still the case. And now this picture of a famine 10 years earlier is used to illustrate the famine without pictures. And there is something not right about that.

Oh, and this is the crib I was looking for:

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Aliona van der Horst