Simone massi

SIMONE MASSI (1970, Pergola, Italy) studied animation at the Academy of Fine Arts Urbino. Since his graduation he has been working as a freelance animator and illustrator. Despite the difficulties he encountered as an independent filmmaker (he draws by hand only) he has produced more than a dozen short animated films which have been shown in 54 countries and together have won over 200 awards.

Massi comes from a peasant family and his recent animations are about his personal memories of a tough, poor life in rural Italy. This familiarity with the peasant life was important to Aliona, as she saw many similarities between the Russian and Italian rural scenes that could be used in her film. 

His style of working is extremely labour-intensive. For LOVE IS POTATOES too, he drew by hand, supported by a team of assistants, using black and white with occasional red accents. 

Simone Massi was assisted by his great team: Alessia Travaglini, Laura Fuzzi, Anna Ferrandes, Julia Gromskaya, ink man Maurizio Leprini

recent filmography:
2006 LA MEMORIA DEI CANI (The Memories of Dogs)

2009 NUVOLE, MANI (Clouds, Hands)
2011 DELL’AMMAZZARE IL MAIALE (About Killing the Pig)

2014 L’ATTESA DEL MAGGIO (The Wait of May)

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